InfiTRAN technology for wind energy

High performance for wind power.
Constant speed of the generator.
Suppresses the power electronics.

InfiTRAN technology for heavy machinery

Infinitely variable transmission for the most demanding sector
No jumps or steps
15-20% fuel savings

InfiTRAN technology for automotive

Maximum torque from the start
Forget the gear lever
Forget about revolutionizing the engine
Forget the clutch

InfiTRAN technology for elevators

Suppression of frequency variation equipment
High precision of movements, greater security
Better performance about 8-10%

InfiTRAN technology for transports

Continuous speed variation from reverse to «overdrive»
Applicable to all types of vehicles (without torque limitation)
Forget about revolutionizing the engine
Forget the clutch



Powertrack is a technological company that has developed a new power transmission system for its application to multiple industrial sectors, offering in each and every one of them a differentiating factor for those companies that apply it, positioning them as leaders within their sectors.


Powertrack has a team of engineers with extensive experience in all the industrial sectors that have developed this new technology.


The technology InfiTran is capable of offering reverse gear, geared dead center and forward gear in a totally continuous manner, maintaining the propulsive element at its optimum speed at all times.


Outstanding is the reversibility whereby the system is capable of operating with variable output speed from a constant input speed, or with a constant output speed for a variable input speed .


A new concept of transmitting power.Adaptability, versatility and efficiency are some characteristics of thisrevolutionary transmission system.

The CVP technology is applicable to many industrial sectors with important benefits in each and every one of them, offering the optimal configuration for each application.


The Infi Tran technology has been developed and patented by Powertrack in Europe and the United States, which allows us to offer this new power transmission system exclusively to the main markets.

In addition to patents, Powertrack has been internationally awarded with numerous and outstanding awards contributing to a more efficient and environmentally friendly future.



Great valuables services in the industrial, automotive, cultural sectors.

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Mineco Innovator Pyme

Certificate of our commitment to innovation

Aenor Innovator Pyme

Compromised with latest tecnhologies

Repsol Foundation

Award for our energy efficiency

Spain Cleantech open

Award for our clean and eco tecnhology

Geneva Motor show medal

Award for our technology

INPEX Pittsburg USA

Award for our power transmission

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