The Infi Tran system consists of a Continuity Module and a Power Bypass Module related through a patented configuration that allows a total power management in a continuous and infinitely variable.

The advantages of the Infi Tran, although they are extensive, will depend on the sector in which it is applied. Visit the applications section to learn about the advantages of Infi Tran by sector and how you can benefit from this new technology. 

Operating modes

The Infi Tran technology is able to offer reverse gear, geared dead center and forward gear in a totally continuous way keeping the propeller element at its optimum speed at all times. 

One of the main characteristics of the Infi Tran is the reversibility thanks to which, the system is able to function: 

The great versatility and adaptability of the Infi Tran system allow it improve efficiency and reduce costs in the different applications that incorporate it, achieving a differentiating factor against the competition. 

Main advantages

The The main advantages of Infi Tran technology, regardless of the sector where it is applied, are: 

  • Continuously and infinitely variable mechanical transmission from the reverse, neutral, forward and overdrive positions.
  • It does not use clutches, disconnection elements, hydraulic systems or pressure groups.
  • High precision of movements.
  • High reliability in all environments and conditions, as well as low maintenance.
  • Maximum optimization of resources.
  • More compact and lightweight


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